To access user setting click Settings (in the sidebar to the left) > User management > Agents. From here you can perform the following actions:

Add a new user

1. Click on the 'Invite Agent' button present on the right side of the page to add an agent

2. Enter the new agent's name and email and select the role you wish to assign to them from the dropdown

3. Enable or disable notifications for them and

4. Click the 'Invite button to add them

Note: Freshstatus supports three user roles

  • Editor: Can only post the incident updates, and change service statuses.

  • Admin: In addition to what Editors can do, Admins can edit layouts and customize the status page, create and delete new services and users 

  • Owner: Has Admin-level clearance and the ability to change plans, billing, payment information, and delete the account. Ownership of a Freshstatus account can only be transferred by an Owner.

Delete a user

1. Click on the delete icon against the user you wish to remove

2. Click on the "Yes, Delete it" button to delete the user.

Changing the role of the user

1. Click on the dropdown under the 'Role' column and select the role you wish to assign to the user

Note: Only Owners and Admins can change user roles.