Creating incidents and posting its updates is the proactive way of notifying your subscribers and stakeholders of issues and fixes. This also a great way to manage your incidents and keep updated logs for future reference. 

  1. Creating an Incident:

An Incident is where you log details about any service disruption when it first happens.

  • Click on the Incidence & Maintenance icon in the left side menu bar or click on the "+New” > “Incident" button present on the upper right corner of the navigation bar.

  • Enter the "Incident title",  "Description" and Select the time in the "Incident Time" date selector to reflect on the service page.

  • Under the "Affected services"  select the services or groups of services that have been affected by the incident.

  • Check on the "Email Subscribers" checkbox, if you wish to notify the subscribers of your status page through email.

  • Click on the "Publish" button to create a new incident.

  • Pro Tip - To update status of multiple services at once, select the services and change their status from the dropdown “Change all selected to”  to the desired status.

  • Pro Tip - You don’t have to create incidents from scratch every time. You can either create Incident templates or clone historical ones to cut down time

  1. Update an Incident

Any updates on the Incident can be recorded, whether it is a status update or a resolution. Additionally, you can create Private incidents that are only visible to you and your team.

  • Make an update to an existing incident by clicking the ellipsis on the right corner of the incident and click on Edit.

  • Update the incident details like changing the Incident Status etc

  • Click on the "Update" button to save the changes

  • You can choose to notify your subscribers about this update through email by checking on the box ‘Email to subscribers’.


  • Pro Tip - While updating Incidents, click on ‘Canned Response’ to select & insert some pre-drafted updates. These help with quick communication and minimises manual effort.

  • Pro Tip - Integrate with Twitter to broadcast Incidents and updates automatically and avoid social media outcry.

  1. Scheduled Maintenance

Planning a routine maintenance task or upgrading the services, which might impact the services availability, make sure to keep everyone informed by scheduling reminders.

  • Click on the dropdown icon present in the upper right corner of the navbar, near the "+New" button

  • Select the "Scheduled Maintenance" button in the dropdown

  • Enter the "Maintenance title", "Description" and select the scheduled maintenance window in "Scheduled Time" date selector

  • Select the services that will be affected.

  • To change the planned service status automatically, toggle on/off the automation settings to suit your needs.

  • Use the notification section below to keep both the internal teams and customers informed by selecting the checkbox present on the right of the "Send Reminders" label.

  • Check on "Email Subscribers" checkbox, if you wish to notify the subscribers of your status page through email.

  • Click on the "Schedule" button to schedule the planned maintenance window.

  • Pro Tip - Incident Sources & Incident Status: You will find default options in the dropdowns while filling out your Incident. You can add more options to suit your business lingo by managing them under Settings.