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When will FreshPing be integrated into FreshStatus? Will this be free? 

Hi Nathan, Thank you for asking.

The integration between Freshping and Freshstatus is under development now and will be released before this quarter-end. It will be available from the Sprout (Free) plan.

It would be great if you would add a webhook integration that is compatible with Discord and Slack for reporting a status message to a channel when a incident or maintenance update gets posted in Freshstatus using the standard format that Slack and Discord use (is it .json?) for webhooks.

any news yet on the freshping and freshservice integration? Of a description on how it would work? 

Hi all,

Is there already news on the Freshservice and freshping integration and how it would work?

Would love to see Freshstatus support webhooks so public incidents can be sent to services such as Discord or Slack.

Hi Everyone, 

Please accept my apology for launching this feature late and making you wait for a long time. You will be happy to hear that finally the integration between Freshping and Freshstatus is out!

With this integration, you can now create real-time incidents in Freshstatus whenever your monitoring checks in Freshping reports downtime. You will no longer need to create an incident manually. 

Here’s the help center link on how you can integrate with Freshping.

Checkout Freshstatus - Freshping Integration

Please do give Freshstatus - Freshping integration a try and let us know what you think about it.

Cheers and stay safe!,

Kalyan Ram

Two questions on this integration. Is it possible to add time date variables in the title and the message. Two I created a new rule and connected to freshping and it doesn't seem to be creating a message on the status page

Hi Cary,

This is an interesting ask to bring in placeholders/ tokens in the Incident Creation section. I'll consider it for our development roadmap. We have the next set of features and enhancements lined up for Q1 & Q3 2021. I'll try my best to accommodate your ask.

The trouble in creating the incident in Freshstatus might need some analysis both from Freshping and from Freshstatus perspective, so I would request you to write to the support [support at]. We'll help you get it fixed.

Keep sharing your thoughts. 


Kalyan Ram

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