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Status Page

Fan of the Status page in Freshstatus? Tell us how can make them even more powerful.

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Maybe make something for the users to report a status problem. So if someone detects that there is a problem with something offline, he can report it.

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We need API's to create a custom solution for notifying users proactively when an incident is updated/created/resolved, but it would also be helpful to have an integration in Freshchat that could do something similar. It would ALSO be nice if we had an integration with Freshdesk so that we can automatically update all users who reported the issue once an incident is marked as resolved. This would be huge!

so true

Having the option to have a status page per customer is a must. We have multiple customers on separate instances so a single status page is no good for us at all.

I want to ask now is there a solution. If so please give us the instructions

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