Introducing you to an all new Freshstatus!

We launched Freshstatus in March 2019 and although we were super proud of it, let’s be honest, there was definitely some room for improvement. We had been listening in keenly to all that you guys had to say. Your support, encouragement and honest feedback helped us scope out some pretty cool features that could add a lot more value to everyday incident management. But before we get into showcasing all that’s new on Freshstatus, we’d like to take a minute and say a big HEARTFELT THANK YOU to you all. It's been a super interesting Q4 for us as we worked on some of your feedback and suggestions and brought them to reality!

During Oct 2020, we revamped incidents and scheduled maintenance management with all new full page design, Templates, Canned Responses, Tracking the incident source, Ability to attach Incident Analysis Report & more. The long pending, Freshping <> Freshstatus integration saw light during Nov 2020 and now in Dec., We are really happy to share a whole new experience on the service components management, status page customization and subscribers management.

The notifications (in-app/ email) you received had only the major highlights of the revamp. This post will cover all the new features and functionalities we are bringing to you in detail.  

Deeper control over the Service Components

  • 3 levels in service components: Now you can add a Group > Sub-Group > & Service component. In short if you wish to have the Location where the service is hosted in > A sub-group to resonate the collection of all services and list the services, yes you can do it.

  • Aggregate service status graph at the Group or Sub-group. Usually when the Groups are in the collapsed state, it is hard to understand how well the service within it had performed in the recent past, now with Aggregated service status graph, it is more visual, making it easier for your end user (subscribers) to consume the information.

  • Expand or collapse groups or subgroups on status page load: This comes handy when you have multiple lists of services and groups to be shown to your subscribers. 

  • Service start date: When you start offering a new service to your customers (subscribers) you can set a start date to be reflected in the status page. This help customers understand it is as a new service and there will not be any historical uptime or incident history for the particular service. 

 Granular control over the Status page customization

  • Add the key information your customer might refer to in the Status page e.g. About this site, FavIcon, Support: Report a Problem, Support: Phone Number, Footer links & Copyright text

  • Search Engine Friendly status page: The option to configure status page meta data e.g. title, keywords and description is made available now.

  • Google Analytics Integration Simply add a GA tracking ID and start tracking traffic and conversion of your status page.

  • Let your customers subscribe to a Groups, Sub-Groups or Service component: Irrelevant updates to a customer can get spammy. With this new feature the customer can choose to get alerted only for the service they care about the most, instead of subscribing to the entire status page.

  • Hide the “subscribe” button from the status page: This allows administrators to manage subscribers and what they need to be informed on. If you are an MSP or wish to share the service status with a closed group of audience or to keep your employees informed, you can opt-in to hide the Subscribe button

  • Fine tune historical status graph time span to 7/ 30/ 60/ 90 days: When a longer timeline is not a choice, you can choose to shrink the time span from the current 90 days to a lesser time period.

  • Reword the status page’s top level status text: Now you can customise the standard "All is well" in the top level status message to anything you want!.

  • Customize the look and feel: Similar to other Freshworks products, personalize the status page Background color, Tab colors, Link color, Form elements & Portal Fonts


  • The Status Page Privacy setting which was available under Setting menu has been moved under “Status Page Customization > Advanced” tab.

  • The Layout and Customization menu has now been split into 2 separate sections viz. Service Customization and Status Page customization without losing the charm of previewing the Status page as you customize it.

Manage your subscribers better with search and filters capability.

Revamped public status page.

  • A much bolder Historical Status graph

    • Historical Status Graph with an explicit incidents callout with color code.

    • On Hover of the histogram, a quick snippet of incident information is presented to the user with an ability to navigate to the incident or schedule maintenance in-a-click.

  • The bottom of the Status page home now also lists the Upcoming Maintenance

  • Scheduled Maintenance and Incidents are clearly color coded in the Incident History Page and in the landing page.

  • Incident History with an option to filter past incidents by selecting multiple service components

The best news is, all these are made available in our free offering i.e Sprout Plan. We request you to explore these features and share your feedback to this thread.

We wish you all a happy, healthy and safe holiday season from the Team Freshstatus. 

PS: Stay tuned for more updates during the Q1 2021.

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