Trigger webhook messages or information to other apps, while creating a new incident or scheduled maintenance.

To integrate Webhooks with Freshservice follow the steps mentioned below in your Freshstatus account;

    1. Login to your Freshstatus account 
    2. Navigate to Settings > Integrations
    3. Choose the Manage button near Webhooks
    4. Configure the Webhook properties. And That's it, your Webhook integration is ready. This saves time and manual effort and automates incident creation.

 Adding a new Webhook

  1. Click on "+ New Webhook"
  2. You can fill in the Webhook information viz. Webhook Name, Description
  3. Under the condition, choose the appropriate Event and the service components for which you wish to trigger webhooks.
  4. Under Action, configure the fields viz. Request type, Your callback URL, Check if the URL requires authentication, and choose the Encoding and content type.
  5. The next section allows you to write custom API requests. You could edit it and add details for incident JSON, maintenance JSON, and its respective notes.
  6. Click "Test" to test the Webhook integration or Click on "Save" to save the configuration.