1. Click on the Incidence & Maintenance icon in the left side menu bar
  2. Click on "Scheduled Maintenance" in the left pane 


  1. Click on the dropdown icon present in the upper right corner of the navbar, near the "+ New" button
  2. Select the "Scheduled Maintenance" button in the dropdown

Scheduling a new Maintenance

  1. Enter the "Maintenance title", "Description" and select the scheduled maintenance window in "Scheduled Time" date selector
  2. Click on the "Affected services" dropdown button to select the planned services. 
  3. Check the services or group of service which has been affected by the incident
  4. To change the planned service status automatically, toggle on/off the automation settings to suit your needs.
  5. Use the notification section below to keep the internal teams informed by selecting the checkbox present on the right of the "Send Reminders" label under the "Automation Settings" section.
  6. Check on "Email Subscribers" checkbox, if you wish to notify the subscribers of your status page through email.
  7. Check on "Tweet this" checkbox, if you wish to notify your twitter followers through a tweet. (How to integrate with Twitter handle)
  8. Click on the "Schedule" button to schedule the planned maintenance window.