Status embed provides an easy way for users to know the current status of services and access your status page. Embedding your status in web apps, sites, portals, or forms will increase the visibility of your system status and provide an easy way for users to access your status page. 

You could set up an Alert Widget for free by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. Navigate to Status embed> Alert Widget and click on "Unlock Alert widget for free".This will take you to a quick survey that needs to be completed in order for your Status badge to be enabled. Note: Request might take few days to get processed.
  2. Once we have enabled the widge for your account, click on "+ New Alert Widget"
  3. You could Enter the Banner name and go ahead with few customization options available for your widget and click on "Save changes"
  4. Your alert widget will be created successfully and it will be ready to be embedded in your sites.

Note: Alert widgets will be available only for ongoing incidents and ongoing maintenances.